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■ 9/18ニュースリリース / News Release Sep.18th


■ 9/17ニュースリリース / News Release Sep.17th

English version of press release

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■プレスインフォメーション / Press Information

40th Anniversary
MITSUBISHI Pickup Truck (日本語版)

40th Anniversary
MITSUBISHI Pickup Truck (English)

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1st Pickup Truck 01

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<1986 2nd Pickup Truck>

2nd Pickup Truck 01
2nd Pickup Truck 02
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<1995 3rd Pickup Truck>

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<2005 4th Pickup Truck>

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4th Pickup Truck 05
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<2014 5th Pickup Truck>

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5th Pickup Truck 02
5th Pickup Truck 03
5th Pickup Truck 04
5th Pickup Truck 05
5th Pickup Truck 06
5th Pickup Truck 07
5th Pickup Truck 08
5th Pickup Truck 09
5th Pickup Truck 10

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<1978 1st Pickup Truck>

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<1986 2nd Pickup Truck>

Download Low-res / 18.3MB

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<1995 3rd Pickup Truck>

Download Low-res / 11.3MB

Download Native / 99.8MB

<2005 4th Pickup Truck>

Download Low-res / 5.78MB

Download Native / 81.9MB

<2014 5th Pickup Truck>

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Download Native / 10.3MB

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